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03/10/16: Alimony Bill; World Economic Forum; Jay Solomon; Kerry Speckman

 A major overhaul of Florida’s alimony and custody laws is headed to the governor’s desk.

The controversial measure ends lifetime alimony payments. It would also change the way judges settle child custody cases too, with the premise that children split time equally between both parents.

Opponents say this provision is not focusing on the best interests of the child. Supporters say it’s simply a matter of fairness.

We discuss these changes and their potential effects with Jacksonville family attorney Heather Quick.

The World Economic Forum, the annual meeting of global political and business leaders, was recently held in Davos, Switzerland. Pat Geraghty, CEO of Florida Blue, was the only Jacksonville business leader to attend this year's event. He joins us with his takeaways.

Our occasional "With All Due Respect" commentator Jay Solomon joins us with his thoughts on the current political climate.

And we look at this weekend's events around town with blogger Kerry Speckman.

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