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03/16/16: Primary Election Results; Affordable Care Act; Women Veterans; EcoDesign Solutions

  Primary Elections

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump easily won Florida last night in the state’s key primary election.

Tuesday’s contests, with more than 14 million votes cast in five states, marked a turning point in both parties’ presidential primary campaigns.

Democrats and Republicans can now confidently predict which candidates will likely have the most delegates at their conventions in July: Trump and Clinton, both hold commanding leads.

But challengers John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are not giving up the fight.

We discuss the results of Tuesday's primary elections with Dr. Michael McDonald, professor of political science at the University of Florida.

Affordable Care Act

On Monday, the First Coast FreeThought Society will host Tony Penna, North Florida Regional Director of Enroll America, a nonprofit whose mission is to spread health insurance coverage.

His talk is titled "The American Healthcare System from A-Z, in 30 Minutes or Less." 

Tony Penna joins us to discuss the status of the Affordable Care Act and its impact over the last six years.

Week of Recognition of Northeast Florida Women Veterans

Female military veterans in Jacksonville suffer from high rates of depression and anxiety, and say they lack the help they need to find suitable employment.

That according to a preliminary study by Northeast Florida Women Veterans, the University of Florida and the Women’s Giving Alliance.

Among the findings: 47 percent of the women reported depression, 49 percent reported anxiety disorders, and 31 percent reported posttraumatic stress disorder.

This news is out just as we mark a Week of Recognition for Northeast Florida Women Veterans. Dee Quaranta, Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Women Veterans, joins us with more.

Going Green: EcoDesign Solutions

In this week's edition of our Going Green segment, we speak with Garrett Llopiz, principal designer, and Kevin Lewis, regional director, with EcoDesign Solutions about their work creating ecological and edible landscapes for homes and offices.

Sean Birch joined the WJCT team in late 2011 and was with the company until 2016.