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04/26/16: Pennsylvania Primary; Financial Literacy; Holocaust Remembrance Day

Pennsylvania Primary

Five states will cast votes Tuesday in what’s known as the “Amtrak primary.”

Voters go to the polls in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

The contests are expected to help the two 2016 presidential front-runners, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, rack up even wider leads in their parties’ crucial delegates counts. The Pennsylvania primary in particular is being closely watched.

Todd Zwillich, Washington correspondent for the public radio program The Takeaway, is a Pennsylvania native.

We speak with Zwillich about Tuesday's primaries and what the outcome will likely mean for the 2016 race.

Financial Literacy

In a widely shared article this month in The Atlantic, writer Neal Gabler disclosed that just like nearly half of Americans, he would have trouble finding $400 dollars to pay for an emergency.

Gabler's confession struck a nerve because on the surface he seems like the picture of success, with a number of published books, a strong reputation, and a solid middle class income.

His article is even helping to coin a new term: financial fragility. This describes a household that is over-leveraged with debt.

As the nation marks Financial Literacy Month, we look at reasons why many Americans fall into this predicament, and what can be done to get out of it.

April Murdaugh, founder and executive director of the Clay County Economic Empowerment Center, and Chip Parker, foreclosure attorney with the local firm Parker & DuFresne, join us.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is Thursday, May 5.

Beth El, The Beaches Synagogue, will observe this significant day with a special event on Sunday, May 1.

We preview it with Beth El Rabbi Michael Matuson and event organizer Bob Fisher.

Sean Birch joined the WJCT team in late 2011 and was with the company until 2016.