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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

06/07/16: Climate Change And Sea Level Rise; Medical Marijuana In Florida


Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Florida is seen as the state most vulnerable to flooding from the impacts of sea level rise attributed to climate change.

Since 2004, retired UNF professor Allen Tilley has run a listserve that curates reports about climate change and the impacts of rising oceans.

And he says, particularly here in North Florida, government leaders aren’t doing enough long-term planning to prepare.

Allen Tilley joins us with his thoughts.

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Medical Marijuana

2016 could prove to be a monumental year for marijuana legalization.

Marijuana has gained 24 state approvals for medicinal use, and four states have legalized its recreational use. Twelve more states could potentially vote to legalize the the currently illicit drug this November, including Florida.

The state’s medical marijuana initiative, known as Amendment 2, will be on the ballot once again. Medical marijuana use under the law would be limited to debilitating medical conditions as defined by a physician.

This year's effort follows the narrow defeat of a similar initiative in 2014, which fell 2.4 percent short of the 60 percent required to pass.

Companies that cultivate cannabis for medical use are eyeing that Florida vote closely. One of those is California-based Terra Tech.

We speak with Derek Peterson, president and CEO of Terra Tech, about how a change in Florida's law could affect his industry.

Sean Birch joined the WJCT team in late 2011 and was with the company until 2016.