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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

06/28/16: LGBT Acceptance Survey; Cat Ranch Sanctuary; Flying Lessons For Kids


LGBT Acceptance Survey

A new survey from the national LGBT rights advocacy group GLAAD finds growing acceptance for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community across the country, even in the traditionally more conservative southern states.

However, other indicators in the "Accelerating Acceptance" survey show that complacency may be setting in for some LGBT allies.

We discuss the survey, media representation of LGBT citizens, and local efforts for LGBT rights with Dan Merkan, chair of the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality, and Ross Murray, director of U.S. south and global programs for GLAAD.

Cat Ranch Sanctuary

Mario Cuttino, CEO of the Fernandina Beach-based nonprofit Cat Ranch Sanctuary, joins us to discuss their work housing cats whose owners are aging, hospitalized, or deployed for military service and can no longer care for their pets.

We also discuss her guide for people adopting rescue pets for the first time, "Stray Cats and Dogs... Here Their Cries."

Flying Lessons for Kids

We speak with Jacksonville attorney and veteran pilot Randy Reep about how he got into flying, and why he's advocating for children to learn how to fly at an early age.

Kids can start flying solo gliders, engine-less aircraft that are towed by a regular plane, at 14-years-old, and can fly powered aircraft at age 16 with supervision.