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07/21/16: Medical Marijuana; Chamblin Bookmine; Kerry Speckman

Medical Marijuana

Nearly two years after Florida lawmakers legalized it, low-THC medical marijuana could be available in the state as soon as next week.

The Florida Department of Health has granted a Tallahassee company called Trulieve the authority to process and dispense the drug.

Five other Florida companies have a license to sell cannabis for medical use.

Meanwhile, activists in Florida push for a constitutional amendment legalizing the drug for a wider array of medical treatments.

The cannabis market is growing nationwide as more states say “yes” to medical marijuana.

Steve Gormley is managing partner with Seventh Point LLC, a private equity firm focused on medical marijuana.

He joins us to discuss the state of medical marijuana and marijuana legalization both in Florida, and around the country.

Chamblin Bookmine

Over the past 40 years, Jacksonville's Chamblin Bookmine bookstore has grown from a few thousand titles, to more than three million.

And its proprietor, Ron Chamblin, has built one of the largest and most influential independent bookstore chains in the Southeast.

The bookstore will celebrate its 40th year with an event this Saturday at its downtown location. 

We look back on the store's history with Ron Chamblin and author Tim Gilmore, who recently published a book of interviews with Chamblin titled "We Are All Used Books." 

Kerry Speckman blogger Kerry Speckman joins us with a rundown of this weekend event's around town.

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