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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

07/27/16: Florida Creamery Controversy; Food Policy Council; Eco-Friendly Shirt Printing; Judy Wells


Florida Creamery

We begin the hour with a discussion about the controversy surrounding Angela Wilcox, owner of the Florida Creamery ice cream shop in Avondale.

In a recent Facebook exchange with another local business owner, Wilcox vented about everything from liberals, to ISIS, to people who don’t sign paychecks.

The posts have since been taken down, but not before they went viral, and were viewed more than 30,000 times.

People around the country then used Yelp and Google reviews to voice their displeasure with Wilcox and her business because of her views. Others came to her defense.

Jacksonville Business Journal reporter Alexa Epitropoulos joins us to discuss how social media can affect businesses.

Food Policy Council

For years, food policy experts here in Jacksonville have decried what are known as “food deserts," large areas of this city where fresh, healthy food is not readily available.

If you don’t have transportation to what can sometimes be a faraway grocery store, buying fresh produce, lean meats and other staples is next to impossible for many.

New food assessment data for Duval County has just been released showing the real needs and how fresh food access can become a reality for everyone in Jacksonville.

We discuss efforts to address food availability on the First Coast with Cecil Williams, chair of the Duval Food Policy Council.

Eco-Friendly Shirt Printing

In this week's edition of our Going Green segment, we speak with Chris Sellen of the Jacksonville company Automaton about their use of environmentally friendly materials for screen printing T-shirts.

Judy Wells

Travel writer Judy Wells joins us with a recap of her recent trip along the Danube River and more.