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First Coast Connect

1/24/2017: Nyah Vanterpool; Alzheimer's PBS Documentary; Divorce Month; National Compliment Day

Tuesday on First Coast Connect, we discussed the future of millennials in Jacksonville with the leader of the One Voice Young Professionals program NyahVanterpool. We also were joined by phone with Dr. Keith Fargo from the Alzheimer’s Association national office in Chicago and Michelle Branham, vice president of the Alzheimer’s Association, Central and North Florida to talk about a documentary airing Wednesday evening on WJCT Public Television. Lawrence Datz, a partner at Datz & Datz P.A., told us why there is surge of divorce filings in January and to commemorate National Compliment Day we met Sarah Dominey, the owner of the online boutique shop SMAC on how she is raising awareness of the initiative. 


Nyah Vanterpool

Jacksonville is the youngest city in Florida. But too many of our bright young professionals say they want to leave town. Vanterpool has been very active in the community and has always been a strong supporter of Jacksonville but has decided to leave and move to the Caribbean. He said Jacksonville can  be an unfriendly and unwelcome place, citing the city’s reluctance to pass the expansion of the Human Rights Ordinance.  


Alzheimer’s PBS Documentary

The Alzheimer’s Association is promoting its upcoming PBS documentary “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts,” premiering 10 p.m. Wednesday on WJCT Television.

The program highlights the significant and growing burden of Alzheimer’s disease in this country. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an estimated 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, including more 510,000 in the state of Florida. The national number is expected to nearly triple by 2050 if a treatment is not found. Fargo discussed the problem on the national level while Branham talked about some of the local programs available to patients and caregivers.     


Divorce Month

January is known as “divorce month” in legal circles, as more people file for a divorce in the U.S. than any other time of the year. The number of filings increases by 1/3 during January, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Datz said one reason the divorce rate increases this time of year is that couples with children are reluctant to break up during the holidays. He also added that the holidays can be a stressful time for a couple whose relationship is at-risk and can push them over the top once the holidays have ended.


National Compliment Day  

To get the compliments flowing all across the First Coast, Dominey is spending Tuesday posting compliments cards on the mirrors in women’s restrooms and tear-off compliments on bulletin boards all over Jacksonville and encouraging others to do the same.


Producer Kevin Meerschaert can be reached at, 904-358-6334 or on Twitter at @KMeerschaertJax.

Kevin Meerschaert has left WJCT for new pursuits. He was the producer of First Coast Connect until October of 2018.