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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

6/18/19: Children's Campaign; Divorced Parents & Child Sharing; Public Art Week

Dave Parker

Some of President Donald Trump's former Homeland Security staff have expressed concern about the risk of public outrage from images surfacing of migrant children being taken into custody and being separated from their families.

On Tuesday’s First Coast Connect with Melissa RossRoy Miller, who is the head of the Children’s Campaign, joined us to take a closer look at how the Trump administration's immigration policies are affecting children.

Tips For Divorced Parents Sharing Child Custody

Credit Thomas Martinsen / Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Planning summer vacation travel is complicated for most families. But for divorced parents with child time sharing agreements, the age old conflicts of who gets the children, when and for how long, can make planning more complex and contentious. 

First Coast family law expert Lawrence Datz joined us to give some advice on how to make it easier on all parties.

Public Art Week

Credit Jen Hager

It’s Public Art Week here in Jacksonville. The art show will run from June 17-23.  Christina Parrish Stone, Managing Director of the Public Art Week, Olivia Warro, a sculpture artist, and Jennifer Hager, Associate Professor of sculpture at the University Of North Florida, joined us with more information on the art that will be shown.

Avery Latta-Raines can be reached at, 904-358-6317.  

Photo of children and photo of packing used under Creative Commons license.