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Tropical Storm Preparation Window Closing As Colin Approaches First Coast

map showing rain totals predicted

Tropical Storm Colin is expected to affect the First Coast most heavily Monday night and into Tuesday morning. But its effects are expected to arrive much sooner, says St. Johns County Emergency Management Director Linda Stoughton. 

"We could start to see rain come across around 2, 3 o'clock in the afternoon. This is mostly going to be a nighttime event, so if people need to run out very quickly and get supplies, this would be the absolute time to do it," she says.

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She says now is the time to secure loose outdoor objects that could become flying debris. Colin could bring sustained winds of 35-to-40 mph, along with isolated tornadoes. 

And residents in flood-prone areas should plan for alternate routes to and from their homes, or make plans for staying in place into Tuesday if necessary. The storm could dump up to five inches of rain in St. Johns County. 

Still, some residents aren't all that concerned. Jack Twatchman owns the cafe Brew Five Points. He said he thinks storm warnings are usually just a bunch of hot air.

"I think I saw that tehre was a tropical storm, but I think most of the time it seems like the media cries wolf in these situations and then like stuff doesn't even happen," he said Monday around lunchtime. 

It's that attitude that has state and local emergency managers worried. Because Jacksonville hasn't experienced a hurricane in decades, officials are scared residents wont take the threat seriously.

The forecast could change as Colin approaches Florida and makes landfall. Stay tuned to 89.9 WJCT-FM and the Florida Storms app for the latest updates.