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NWS Confirms Tornado Touched Down In Jacksonville

Tropical Storm Colin damage on Jacksonville's westside.

The National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday at least one tornado touched down on the Westside of Jacksonville Monday afternoon.

The twister spun off of Tropical Storm Colin as it approached the First Coast.

But Jacksonville NWS meteorologist Ben Nelson said the damage patterns around the city’s Crystal Springs neighborhood is proof a tornado touched down.

“We saw trees snapped — large trees that were snapped off at a considerable height,” Nelson said. “We saw large trees that were uprooted. The damage was not all pointed in one direction. It was very chaotic, indicative of a tornado.”

No one was hurt, but trees also fell on homes and at least one business. And a tractor trailer flipped over in a parking lot.

Nelson said now his team is looking into how strong the twister was and if there were multiple tornadoes in the same area. He said that investigation could take a day or two.