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Jacksonville City Council To More Strictly Enforce Ban On Demonstrations

Jacksonville City Hall, St. James Building
Ray Hollister

The Jacksonville City Council will more strictly enforce its ban on demonstrations at meetings.

While applause and cheering is included, Council President Lori Boyer said it also encompasses rules during public comment.

“What I’m trying to do is have a consistent rule that applies. Whatever we do, we need to apply it consistently and it needs to mean the same thing for everybody," Boyer said. "So (I’m) just trying to look at this and say ‘where does this gray line stop?’ "

So, Boyer said, from now on only one person will be allowed at the microphone at a time, unless the speaker needs assistance.

Enforcing the demonstration ban, she said, addresses a recent problem at city council meetings where groups of people, some holding signs, stand together at the microphone during public comment periods.