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Changes Possibly Coming To Jacksonville Naval Airfield In Whitehouse

U.S. Navy

JACKSONVILLE — The Navy is conducting an environmental assessment to determine if new training exercises can take place at the Naval Outlying Landing Field Whitehouse on Jacksonville's Westside.

A draft environmental assessment for flight operations addresses the potential environmental effects of continuing current training exercises and new aircraft training.

Officials said many of the features at OLF Whitehouse closely resemble that of an aircraft carrier out at sea, which is why the Navy is considering the site. 

Naval Air Station Jacksonville said pilots need a certain amount of practice landings before they can transition into the high-pressure job of landing on an actual carrier at sea.

But there are noise concerns for homeowners in the area.

"We're, obviously, supporting war-fighter readiness. It's very important to us to conduct these operations out here at Whitehouse and we want to give the opportunity to the public and the community to ask any questions, and voice their questions or concerns," said Capt. Howard Wanamaker, commanding officer at NAS Jacksonville.

The public is invited to provide input at a meeting that will be held from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday at the Cecil Commerce Conference Center at 13561 Lake Newman St.