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Florida Regulators To Update Water Quality Standards

Sarah De Nicolais
St. Johns River

Florida’s Environmental Regulation Commission is set to vote Tuesday on new proposed levels of pollutants in surface water.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is updating the Human Health Criteria, set in 1992, which includes reclassifying 43 chemicals currently regulated in waterways, while adding criteria for 39 new compounds, according to a news release

"Both the new and updated criteria have been calculated using the most advanced science, including recently issued guidance from the EPA," the release stated.

But not everyone believes state regulators have the best interest of the public in mind, said St. Johns Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman.

"Floridians deserve better," Rinaman said. "There's no reason to increase the number of toxic waste in our waterways except for the bottom line of industry."

The Environmental Regulation Commission meeting will be streamed live on its website, beginning at 9 a.m.