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Reggie Fullwood Back In Court For Wire Fraud Case

Fullwood headshot
Reggie Fullwood via Twitter

State Rep. Reggie Fullwood, D-Jacksonville, is due back in federal court for a 4 p.m. Monday hearing on a motion to dismiss wire fraud charges.

Fullwood’s defense lawyer challenged the government’s claim that those who contributed to


Fullwood’s re-election campaign were defrauded when Fullwood diverted funds for his own personal use.

The defense argues that while wrongful under state law, the diversion does not threaten the contributors’ rights to the funds, and so they are not victims of fraud.

In Florida’s election code, once funds are given to a candidate, the contributor loses any ownership of the funds thus revoking any control.

The defense says Fullwood has complete discretion over the use of the funds. The defense states the government has changed its position on the allegations against Fullwood several times, and has made the case “a moving target.”

Fullwood faces 10 counts of wire fraud and four counts of failure to file federal income tax returns.

Fullwood is seeking his fourth term representing House District 13. He won a six-person Democratic primary Aug. 30 and will now face Republican Christian Whitfield in the November general election.