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JTA Discusses Possible Bus Fare Increase; Some Riders Outraged

Peter Haden
A possible bus fare increase could take effect starting in May.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is considering raising bus fares.

A JTA spokeswoman confirms the rate hike is in the preliminary stages and a formal proposal has yet to be drafted for the board of directors.

Our partner News 4 Jax reports that the proposed fare increase would mean 25 cents more for single day trips, 50 cents more for a day pass, $4 more for a weekly pass and $15 more for a monthly pass. Seniors, who are already able to ride the bus for free, will not be affected by this change.

At Jacksonville’s Rosa Parks bus station, bus rider John Fossati expressed strong feelings about the possible increase.

“It doesn’t make no sense. Absolutely it would negatively impact me. I hope somebody burns this place to the ground honestly cause this is the biggest racket in the world,” he said.

JTA spokeswoman Leigh Ann Rassler said the public would be invited to comment on the proposal before it could be put to a vote in February by JTA’s board of directors.

She said, if passed, the fare increases would not take effect until May.

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