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FDOT Reminds Drivers to Be Aware of The Road

Serena Summerfield

Jacksonville drivers are no strangers to unexpected road conditions, from avoiding a sea of orange cones to detours relating to construction. There’s currently more than $1.4 million in road projects, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.   

Credit Serena Summerfield / WJCT News
Orange cones signal road work.

Bright orange vests and signs can be seen at the J. Turner Butler Boulevard and Interstate-95 interchange road work. They help mark workers and inform drivers of upcoming safety areas. Wednesday is Go Orange Day and, in a show of appreciation for highway workers, FDOT encourages wearing bright orange to emphasize highway safety.

FDOT spokesman Ron Tittle said commuters should slow down whenever they see the color orange.

“When we’re talking about Go Orange emphasis, those orange cones and orange signs, it means ‘Hey, good news but it also means we need to be more cautious when we’re working in and driving in the construction zones,” Tittle said.

He said drivers should be aware of what is on the road. They should watch posted speed limits and avoid distractions, because trucks are constantly entering and leaving the highway. Roadwork can also result in overnight traffic pattern changes.

Tittle also said a lot of drivers might not be from the area and the construction can affect GPS directions.

“At the end of the day, workers want to go home and be with their families,” Tittle said.

He said construction at the interchange should be complete this summer, depending on how much the upcoming rains slow workers down.

Intern Serena Summerfield can be reached at, 904.358.6317, or Twitter @sumserfield.