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RV City Opens At 8 Tuesday Morning; Not Soon Enough For These Tailgaters

The Florida Gators face the Georgia Bulldogs Saturday at Jacksonville’s EverBank Field. But for some fans, the party’s already underway.

Dozens of campers were lined up under overpasses and along the street Monday afternoon, waiting for the gates of RV City to be  thrown open.

Todd Love came down from North Georgia in his big, shiny, black-and-red RV. He says he’s been coming here, off-and-on, for the past 30-years and making the nine hour drive to RV City the last five.

“I mean it’s the biggest outdoor cocktail party in the world. And we’re big Dawg fans. I mean, I went to school there, [I'm a] season ticket holder. This is just a nice trip you wanna take, get away and watch a good ballgame.”

Three RVs down from Love in line is Diane Bishop from Cherry Log in the North Georgia Mountains.  She’s been an RV City regular for going on 17-years.  For her, it’s old friends first, football second.

“It’s like a reunion but we’ve got tickets. We know a lot of folks here and we all get together and it don’t matter if you’re a Gator or if you’re a Bulldog.”

There’s no doubt about where her loyalty lies, however.

“Well, win or lose, I’m a Dawg.”

Kickoff for the Florida-Georgia game is 3:30 this Saturday afternoon at EverBank.

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Cyd Hoskinson began working at WJCT on Valentine’s Day 2011.