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Duval's School Board Chair Wants Changes To New School Safety Law

Kevin Meerschaert

Florida’s new school safety law is drawing criticism from educators around the state.

Duval School Board chair Paula Wright is lobbying lawmakers in Tallahassee to make some changes to the new law.

Wright said Monday on First Coast Connect she is glad the legislature is trying to improve school safety after the gun massacre in Parkland, Fla. at Stoneman Douglas High School.

But she would prefer that lawmakers give districts the option to divert more funds to school resource officers, rather than arming teachers.

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The legislation approved some $400 million for school security measures.

Wright said she’s headed to Tallahassee to lobby for some changes.

“Put that [money” back in the budget for teachers,” Wright said.

The Duval School Board voted against arming teachers in the classroom in a six to one vote. It will remain an option for other districts.

You can hear Wright's full interview in this First Coast Connect podcast.

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