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Kamiyah Mobley’s Mother: Daughter's Kidnapper Deserves Death Penalty

Gloria Williams is back at the Duval County courthouse Thursday for her sentencing hearing.

Gloria Williams, who pleaded guilty in February to kidnapping a newborn baby from a Jacksonville hospital 1998, is back at the Duval County courthouse Thursday for her sentencing hearing.

Williams admitted she had been living with Kamiyah Mobley, the girl she kidnapped, raised as her own and renamed Alexis Manigo.

Mobley’s biological mother Shanara Mobley emotionally testified that Williams deserves death.

“Not one time did she apologize for it,” Mobley said in footage streamed by our partner News4Jax. “She’s not sorry. She’s making all of this about her. It is not about her. She’s not sorry, never apologized... She’s not sorry so why should we have mercy on her soul?”

The death penalty is not an option, though. Mobley then responded that Williams should get the maximum penalty.

“I need her away from my child,” she said. “I want you to do a no-contact order too.”

During her testimony Mobley said she bought a birthday cake for her daughter every year and always knew she was alive.

Williams’ mom, Gloria Brown spoke about the shock of learning her granddaughter wasn’t hers during the hearing, "She said I did something real  bad," Brown said.

But, Brown said through tears, her daughter made a mistake, and she wants her to come home.

"I’m not mad at my daughter. I love her so much and I missed her," she said.

As News4Jax reported, in exchange for a guilty plea, the kidnap charge carries a maximum sentence of 22 years in prison while the interference charge has a maximum sentence of five years. Those sentences would be able to be served concurrently, meaning the most prison time Williams could face is 22 years.