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Clearing Up Myths About Ways to Protect a Home During a Hurricane

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Friday is the start of 2018 hurricane season. This year,meteorologists predict a near-average hurricane season. Colorado State University expects have predicted 13 named storms, which includes, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher).

Kevin Pound, Director of Residential Sales with EagleView Windows and Doors, talked about hurricane preparedness and myths about ways to protect your house during a storm on Friday’s First Coast Connect.

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Pound said that a misconception that people have is to board up only the section of windows facing the water. Pound said that the way hurricanes and tornadoes spin, that you should board around the whole house. Pound also said that people buy too thin of plywood to board up. He recommends a board thickness of ?.

Duct tape on windows is a myth that people have wrong according to Pound. Do not duct tape your windows. It does absolutely nothing and if something were to penetrate the glass, it would be in bigger pieces, according to Pound.  

Hurricanes and tornadoes produce a lot of pressure. Pressurization is another myth that Pound explained. He said people crack their windows open in order to pressurize their house.  He said do not do that. “Houses have natural holes and gaps,” Pound said.

“For safety reasons, if you see a window or door bowing, don't be the hero and try to push on it,” said Pound. Your body weight will not withstand a force like Irma he explained.   

Wind and water causes the most damage in hurricanes. Pound said you are trying to keep the water out and pressurization because if that goes, the next to go would be the roof and that would be a total loss.

Hurricane season goes from June 1 to November 30.

Mark Wray is a WJCT News intern for summer 2018.