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Motion Denies Application For St. Augustine Beach Water Park

A motion passed Monday night unanimously denied the application for a $600,000 water park to be built at the oceanfront Embassy Suites on A1A in St. Augustine Beach.

Mayor Undine George moved to deny the application, which passed 5-0. The mayor said Embassy Suites failed to address parking concerns, screening hazards and landscaping plans.

According to the park proposal, the water slide would have a maximum height of 28.4 feet. But, those opposed to the park point out it will be higher to comply with flood regulations.

"It sounds to me they're trying to get 43 feet instead of just 28 feet. It sounds like 28 feet on top of 15," said Jeff, a resident opposed to the water park who has lived in St. Augustine for 37 years.

Others want to see the park move forward.

"I think it looks like a fantastic, beautiful addition to the property," said Lane Blaker, a resident who supports the water park. "I think it's an added benefit to the community."

Last month, the City’s Planning and Zoning Board voted to recommend the City not allow the park to be built.

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