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Jacksonville Beach Ad Agency Recognized As One Of Nation’s Best Places To Work

Adjective & Company Branding and Advertising Agency in Jacksonville Beach has been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Best Places to Work in the U.S. for the second year in a row.

The agency started in 2013 and has since worked to rethink the way brands communicate with people.

Executive Creative Director and Co-founder Taylor Harkey said after working 15 years for both big and small ad agencies, he wanted to create a different type of environment that he called an “unagency.”

“We kind of threw out everything that had been done from prior agencies we didn’t like. We added more rules and less rules in most cases.”

The agency acts without a timesheet for employees. Meaning, they don’t have a set amount of hours they have to clock in for.

Among the perks that come with working for Adjective are unlimited vacation time and the option to work remotely.

Harkey actually encourages his creative team to travel and get inspired.

He said that he has never seen an employee take advantage of the freedoms that come with working for Adjective. He thinks that’s because they try to hire versatile, hard working and fun people.

With a crew of 18 working for the company, it’s more of an intimate setting. But a vibrant, stylish office space creates an upbeat environment to get the creativity flowing.

Credit Alexandra Blackwell
The Lounge area of the office space where team meetings are held.

“You never know what you’re going to get when you walk in as far as assignments, there’s always someone new in the office.”

Harkey said Adjective is a constantly changing workplace.

“Everything you can imagine takes place on a daily basis.”

Not only does the environment make Adjective a desirable agency to work for, but the opportunities do as well. With clients including the Jacksonville Jaguars and The Players Championship, Harkey said Adjective over-delivers. They usually do what the client wants plus a bonus service.

Harkey believes this allows each client to help build Adjective’s reputation and recommend the ad agency’s services to other companies.

Harkey said his agency’s approach to advertising allows his team to compete with agencies in bigger cities.

“Our whole thing is really being a pioneer and doing things differently. And then the success follows. And that’s why I feel like we’re competing with the New York’s and San Francisco’s is because, really because we’re out to change advertising and communication.”

Adjective & Company has won 50 Gold American Advertising Awards in the last four years.

Credit Alexandra Blackwell
Adjective & Company displays their plethora of awards as soon as you enter the office space. The two most notable Inc. Magazine's Best Workplace Awards (pictured in front, center).

Alexandra Blackwell can be reached at or 904-358-6316.