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St. Johns Riverkeeper Holds Last Town Hall Meeting Tuesday Night At Intuition Ale Works

The St. Johns Riverkeeper will hold its fourth and final town hall meeting Tuesday night in an effort to raise awareness of the river’s rising waters.

Riverkeeper Advocacy Director Shannon Blankenship said they expect their largest crowd tonight at Intuition Ale Works.

“We know it’s a big space and we know it’s the type of place people enjoy coming to. It’s just a really open and inviting space.”

The organization had an almost capacity crowd at its Sun-Ray Cinema meeting and had about 40 to 60 people, a considerably large amount for the space in which they were held, at the other two venues.

The meetings began on June 21 in hopes of sparking conversation between First Coast residents and professionals who can educate them on the issues.

With hurricane season well underway, the discussion about flooding and dredging of the St. Johns River has become even more relevant.

Blankenship said the town hall meetings have worked to educate the public and encourage elected officials to take action against Jacksonville’s increased vulnerability to storm forces.

“What we have seen are representatives from our elected leadership as well as those running for office that have been attending and that have been hearing from people what their concerns are.”

St. Johns Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman will be speaking at Tuesday night’s  event along with Florida Times-Union reporters Nate Monroe and Christopher Hong, who wrote a feature story called “As the ocean creeps in.”

Dr. Jeremy Stalker, Associate Professor of Marine Science at Jacksonville University and Assistant Director in the Nassau County Planning and Economic Opportunity Department Adrienne Burke, will also participate.

Blankenship said the community has the opportunity to ask questions and share their personal experiences in a forum-like setting.

A preliminary “Meet & Mingle” session will begin at 5:30 p.m. tonight before the real discussion begins at 6:00 p.m. at 929 E. Bay Street, Jacksonville.

Alexandra Blackwell can be reached at or 904-358-6316.