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Lawsuit: Gov. Scott’s Pick To Replace Suspended Jacksonville City Councilman Is Unlawful

City Councilman Terrance Freeman
The Florida Times-Union
Terrance Freeman

A Jacksonville woman sued Gov. Rick Scott on Friday, alleging his appointment of Terrance Freeman to replace suspended City Councilman Reginald Brown was unlawful because he didn’t live in the district.

Our Florida Times-Union news partner reports Scott, who suspended Councilman Reggie Brown and Councilwoman Katrina Brown last month after they were indicted on federal fraud charges, appointed Freeman to the council on Tuesday, the same day Freeman said he moved from his Mandarin home to District 10 in Northwest Jacksonville.

However, the lawsuit filed by Brenda Priestly Jackson, who applied to replace Reginald Brown, alleges Scott appointed Freeman before he officially became a resident.

Jackson is asking a judge to declare Freeman’s appointment unlawful and to remove him from office.

Jackson said on Friday that Scott’s selection of someone who had never lived in the district was de facto voter disenfranchisement.

“There were so many qualified applicants who lived in District 10,” Jackson said. “The cavalier disregard for the residential requirements by the Governor, (and by) the mayor and president of the city council to support the appointment of someone who never lived in District 10, who has no ties to District 10, ... is extremely concerning.”

Freeman, who is also named in the lawsuit, couldn’t be reached for comment, according to The Florida Times-Union.

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