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Alvin Brown Says Jobs, Education Will Be Top Priorities If Elected To Congress

Kevin Meerschaert
District 5 congressional candidate Alvin Brown appeared on First Coast Connect Tuesday.

Alvin Brown was able to pull off an upset win in the Jacksonville Mayoral election in 2011. Now he is hoping to do the same thing next month in his campaign to unseat incumbent District 5 Congressman Al Lawson.

Brown is touting his record as mayor and staking out more progressive positions than Lawson on a range of issues in the race. He’s also answering critics who said he wasn’t vocal enough on issues like the Human Rights Ordinance expansion when he was mayor.

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“I support the community and as a member of Congress I will fight for policies that ensure equal treatment, that are inclusive on sexual orientation, gender identity, including fair housing and equal employment. I just believe in that,” Brown said on Tuesday’s First Coast Connect.

Brown said his top priorities if elected to Congress would be job growth and education.

Florida’s primary election is August 28.