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Florida Coastal School Of Law Remains Accredited Despite ABA Issues

Jacksonville Daily Record
The Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville.

InfiLaw, the Florida Coastal School of Law’s holding company,  filed three lawsuits in May in federal court against the American Bar Association after the ABA found InfiLaw’s three law schools out of compliance with admission and accreditation standards.

Charlotte School of Law closed in August and Arizona Summit’s accreditation was rescinded in June by the ABA.

The Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville has appealed the noncompliance determination, but remains accredited and is not on probation.

“We are very proud of our results. Ranked fourth and seventh and within the state average by a few points which is highly significant,” said Jennifer Reiber, Dean of Academics at Florida Coastal during an Wednesday interview on First Coast Connect.

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The former president of Florida Coastal School of Law is suing the school, alleging wrongful termination and unpaid compensation.

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