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Duval County Begins Manual Recount In 2 Statewide Races

Like counties across Florida, Duval is starting the process of manually recounting thousands of ballots in two races:  U.S. Senate and Florida agricultural commissioner.

Duval Elections Supervisor Mike Hogan said about 13,000 ballots in his county alone will need to be assessed by hand. They’re the ones that machines flagged when voters didn’t vote for either candidate, voted for more than one candidate, or wrote in a name instead.


“We’re going to do the Senate race first and then put all those ballots back in the mix and just ask for the agricultural race,” he said.
The manual recounts are starting 10 days after returns showed razor-thin margins on midterm Election night, Nov. 6.

Hogan said it’s been a long week and a half for his staff

“We’re not sure this is ever going to end. There’s been so many lawsuits and counter lawsuits and crazy issues and crazy decisions, I’m not sure we know when this thing is going to be over,” he said on Thursday afternoon.

The results from manual recounts must be included in all counties’ official returns due to the state on Sunday, Nov. 18.

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