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VyStar's Downtown Jacksonville Signs Move Closer To Approval

The Downtown Development Review Board is scheduled to consider final approval next week for a special sign exception for VyStar Tower.

VyStar Credit Union bought the SunTrust Tower at 76 S. Laura St. Downtown last year and intends to move its headquarters and up to 900 people to the 23-story building by the end of this year.

Jacksonville-based VyStar seeks approval for an exception to increase the sign area on building high-rise signs to exceed the allowable 400 square feet.

VyStar wants to put up two signs, each measuring 2,373 square feet. One will face east and other will face west on top of the tower.

DDRB staff recommends approval. It found that the signs are compatible with the overall mass, design and scale of the building and are in a similar location as previous signs that included “Humana” and “SunTrust”.  

Staff also said that signs on surrounding buildings indicate the existing and proposed signs are compatible with the size, scale and illumination. 

It reports that the Wells Fargo signs are 2,212 square feet per sign area, Baptist Health signs are 1,000 square feet per sign area, and the CSX signs are 905 square feet per sign area. 

The board meets at 2 p.m. Jan. 10 at City Hall.