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St. Augustine Beach Commissioners Vote To Implement Paid Parking In 2020

Michael Rivera
Wikemedia Commons
The St. Johns County Ocean Pier in St. Augustine Beach is pictured.

2019 is expected to be the final summer when it's free to park at St. Augustine Beach.

St. Augustine Beach Commissioners decided Monday night to use the same parking system and rate structure that St. Johns County recently approved.

Mayor Undine George said that will help cut-down on confusion.

“The Pier Park, for instance, having one system and then coming down the street to, let’s say, the 10th Street parking lot that the beach owns— if it’s a different system it’s just going to be confusing. We want the rates to be similar. We want the discounts to be similar and the signage and everything - so [we’re] trying to make it easy," said George.

As it stands now, St. Johns County wants visitors to pay more for parking than residents. The parking at the pier is controlled by the county as are some other parking locations in the area.

Because the county is planning to roll-out its paid-parking system next March, George said St. Augustine Beach will likely do the same. The county and St. Augustine Beach have chosen Republic Parking to manage their parking programs.

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