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A Quarter of Duval Third Graders At Risk Of Being Held Back


Test results are in and the numbers show a concerning amount of third graders are at risk of being held back.

WJCT News partner News4Jax reports the Florida Department of Education finds that statewide, 20% of third graders are at risk of repeating the third grade. That includes many students in Jacksonville. The results also show some local counties are doing better overall.

These numbers are based on how third graders did on the Florida Standards Assessment language arts tests. The results are split into five performance levels and students need to score a two or higher to advance to fourth grade.

For Duval County, the results show 25% failed to do so. Statewide, 20% of third graders are at risk of repeating third grade. Percentages of students who failed to reach a score of two or above from area districts:

•             Clay – 11%

•             St. Johns – 6%

•             Nassau – 7%

•             Putnam – 31% - Highest percentage in our area

•             Alachua – 21%

•             Bradford –9%

•             Union – 6%

•             Baker – 6%

•             Columbia – 10%

Duval County's top performers include:

•             Jacksonville Beach Elementary School, where 99% of students scored a three or higher

•             J. Allen Axon Elementary School

•             Seaside Community Charter School

An expanded version of this story that includes the worst performing schools in Jacksonville is at