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UNF Offers Education Scholarship To 8 Duval County Students

University of North Florida
UNF Holmes Scholarship

Eight students from Duval County Schools have been awarded the Holmes Scholarship to support under-represented groups pursuing a career in education.

A study shows less than 2% of teachers in the classroom are black men, and less than 1% are Hispanic men.

The university is hoping to increase those numbers through The Holmes Honor program. The program will offer students social and academic support.

“Often times when historically under-represented students attend predominantly white institutions the social, cultural and political needs aren’t attended to in ways that are responsive, or in ways they are used to, or ways they are needed," said Rudy Jamison, UNF Assistant Director of Urban Education and Community Initiatives.

The program doesn't require scholars to take extra courses, but it does include a community service element, although there is no required amount of service hours. Jamison said the expectation for the Holmes Scholars is once they have completed all their service hours and education courses, they will be better prepared to serve the community.

“How can they (the students) not only change themselves to become better tomorrow than they were yesterday,” said Jamison, “but then begin to change organizations and communities to become better tomorrow than they were yesterday.”

UNF's College of Education and Human Services offers undergraduate programs in special education, elementary education, secondary education and deaf education.

The Holmes Honors Program partners with 33 other universities around the United States. However, this is the first time UNF has offered the scholarship.

Earlier this month all eight scholars signed their commitment forms to attend UNF's College of Education and Human Services program for the next four years. UNF plans to continue the scholarship program every year.

The scholars begin the program on Monday, June 24,  and are expected to graduate in 2023.

Madison Roberts can be reached at or (904)358-6317.