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A Look At One Jacksonville Family's Decision To Evacuate

Michelle Corum
The Strickland family, who live in Zone C, decided to evacuate their home in advance of Dorian.

In Duval County, anyone in Zones A and B are being asked to evacuate from Hurricane Dorian.  WJCT News spoke with a family in Zone C who still feels too nervous to stay.

James Strickland of Jacksonville has half a day to pack up what he wants to take,  “Water, non perishables clothes for a week," he said.

And he’s raising up anything left behind. “Pretty much anything that could face water damage downstairs is going upstairs.”

He, his fiance, baby and two cats are temporarily moving to higher ground, since his house sits in a dip.

“There's a water reservoir back behind our house. The river’s maybe five blocks away and there's an overpass coming up over us for the hill, so I feel if anywhere the water would converge to be here.”

While living in Riverside, he rode through hurricanes Matthew and Irma, but this time, circumstances are different. 

“Well, the difference really is having my daughter, it's not so much the hurricane itself. It's the impending threat of, you know, it's not just me now.”

They’re headed to stay with family in a non-evacuation zone, which has less chance of flooding.