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Wilson Continues Supporting Hazouri’s Bid For Council President Despite GOP’s Objections

Jacksonville City Council President Scott Wilson
Jacksonville City Council President Scott Wilson

Jacksonville City Council President Scott Wilson said May 25 he continues to back Tommy Hazouri as the next Council president.

Wilson, a Republican, said that 15 council members have pledged to support Hazouri, a Democrat, for the position, according to WJCT News partner the Jacksonville Daily Record. The Council is scheduled to vote on a new president May 26.

On May 20,  Council member Danny Becton wrote a letter to Council member Rory Diamond, a fellow Republican, announcing his intention to run as president.

“Since Councilman Becton decided at the last minute to enter the race, I have been receiving a lot of pressure and threats from members of my party to change my vote from Mr. Hazouri to Mr. Becton," Wilson said in a statement.

Wilson, who is running for Duval County Clerk of Circuit and County Courts, said in an emailed statement that he has been told voting for Hazouri "may very likely do political damage to me in that election."

"Every Republican voter, they say, will probably receive a piece of direct mail condemning me for voting for Councilman Hazouri," the statement said.

"Politics be damned. My word and my reputation are more important to me than an election," the statement said.

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