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St. Augustine City Commission Votes To Remove Confederate Memorial

City of St. Augustuine
This composite photo shows workers securing the Confederate Memorial in St. Augustine until arrangements are made for its removal and relocation.

Leaders of the country's oldest city have decided to move a Confederate memorial that has been a fixture in its central plaza for 140 years.

The St. Augustine City Commission voted 3 to 2 Monday night to relocate the obelisk that bears the names of Confederate soldiers from St. Augustine who died during the Civil War.

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The city had taken up the issue of moving the memorial two years ago, but installed plaques to provide historical context instead.

The issue arose during recent protests. After nine hours of testimony, Tracy Upchurch, Leanna Freeman, and Nancy Sikes-Kline voted to move the monument. Commissioners haven’t said where it will go.

On Facebook, the city posted a picture of city workers covering up the monument with plywood. 

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