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State Sides With City, Developer In Park Place At San Marco

Group 4 Design, Inc.
Via Jacksonville Daily Record
Park Place at San Marco is planned for 2137 Hendricks Ave. on a section of South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church Property.

State officials have upheld an administrative law judge’s recommendation that allows the proposed Park Place at San Marco apartment community to proceed as designed. 

The State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity issued a final o

rder Sept. 9 that says a comprehensive plan amendment and rezoning approved Feb. 25 by City Council, which allows the proposed building height and unit density, comply with city code and state statutes. 

The order is a setback for opponents to Park Place and the petitioner in the case, Right Size San Marco Inc.

The nonprofit, led by San Marco residents Jon Livingston and Lakshmi Gopal, argued that the method the city used to calculate the development’s height violates city code.

The City Planning and Development Department allowed project developers to use a weighted average to comply with the 35-foot maximum height restriction in the San Marco zoning overlay.

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