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Once-A-Decade Jacksonville City Council Redistricting Begins

Jacksonville's City Hall in Downtown Jacksonville.
Sky Lebron
Jacksonville's City Hall in Downtown Jacksonville.

The once-a-decade redrawing of boundaries for Jacksonville City Council seats kicked off this month and will continue throughout 2021, a politically sensitive undertaking that can have consequences in districts where Republicans and Democrats have run closely fought races.

WJCT News partner The Florida Times-Union reports City Council President Tommy Hazouri said he expects opinions on how the lines should be redrawn will come "from every which way."

The City Council must redraw the boundary lines to account for population changes that have occurred since the 2010 Census. Overall, Duval County has grown by about 12 percent to 13 percent the past decade, but the amount of growth varies in different parts of the city.

In order to rebalance the 14 council districts so each has roughly the same number of residents, districts that have grown the most in population will likely have their geographic boundaries shrink, while districts that grew the least in residents over the past decade will expand to cover a larger areas.

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