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Former Jax Council Members Reggie Brown, Katrina Brown To Begin Prison Sentences

City of Jacksonville
File photos Katrina Brown and Reggie Brown, whose formal first name is Reginald.

After several attempts to avoid serving any time, two former Jacksonville city council members, Katrina Brown and Reggie Brown are scheduled to report to federal prisons Friday, Jan. 29.

The defense for both parties repeatedly asked for and filed motions for no prison time, citing health problems, financial hardship, and a lack of prior criminal records.

The most recent attempt to avoid jail-time was rejected at the beginning of January as the defense asked they remain free on bond while their appeals move through the court system. The judge ruled the two must begin their sentences as directed.

With that, Katrina Brown has been told to report to Coleman Federal Correctional Institution in Sumter County to begin a 33-month prison sentence today.

The low-security facility with a minimum-security women’s camp is the same place former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown served 27 months of a fraud sentence before being reassigned to home confinement in April. The three Browns mentioned in this story are not related to one another.

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