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Council President Hazouri Draws Line On 'OK' Sign Associated With White Supremacy

City of Jacksonville
Via Florida Times-Union
Yulee resident Seber Newsome III makes the "ok" gesture during Tuesday's Jacksonville City Council Meeting.

Jacksonville City Council President Tommy Hazouri put a member of the public on notice he will be be barred from speaking to City Council during its meetings if he continues to make the "OK" sign that has been used by white supremacists."No more of that," Hazouri told Seber Newsome IIl at the Tuesday night meeting of council, according to WJCT News partner The Florida Times-Union. "No more."

Newsome said Wednesday he made the "OK" sign as a tribute to former president Donald Trump because he's seen Trump make the hand sign at rallies. He said it wasn't a message of white power or white supremacy.

He said in light of what Hazouri said, he won't make the "OK" sign in future council meetings.

"I'll abide by the rules," he said. "I will give the thumbs-up sign with both thumbs up. Or maybe the victory sign or the peace sign."

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