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Fla. Education Association President Explains This Year's Student Testing

Michelle Corum/WJCT News
A Mandarin High School classroom is prepared for students with protective desk barriers.

Parents and teachers have been pressing the state to give students a break from standardized testing, especially given quarantines and COVID-19 cases during the pandemic.

Now, the Florida Department of Education says standardized tests will not be tied to student promotion and high school graduation this school year.  It gives districts and schools local discretion to determine promotion and course grade decisions.

Florida Education Association President Andrew Spar talked about new rules Tuesday on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.

“This is applying to all kids in our schools where the tests will not be used in any kind of punitive way.  It’s still going to give us information; we’re still going to be able to determine what we need to do to continue the learning process to see how much of an impact there’s been from the disruptions this year.”

However, teachers did not get the same consideration.  There is still a requirement that student test scores be used in teacher evaluations. 

To hear the entire interview with Spar listen to Tuesday’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, which encores at 8 p.m. on WJCT News 89.9.

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