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Planned Southside Jacksonville Waste Transfer Station Raises Concerns Among Residents


Residents of a Southside Jacksonville neighborhood are worried about a proposed Waste Pro garbage transfer station planned for their area. 

Gail Karson lives in Greenland Chase and said she’s familiar with a similar facility in West Palm Beach and worries about exposure to pollutants.  

“You have no idea what people are going to throw away. So there could be hazardous waste material. There could be just things that have to be recycled, but it could be that it would be a health hazard to the adjacent area.”

In a written response to Karson, District 11 City Councilman Danny Becton said the property would not be a landfill or dump but a place where garbage trucks transfer waste to larger trucks.  Becton said the area would be enclosed, although Karson says only on three sides. 

Becton is hosting a public comment meeting on the proposed waste transfer station at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, at Southpoint Community Church, at 7556 Salisbury Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256. The Jacksonville Planning Commission will hear the issue at their meeting on June 3.

A Facebook group has been created for those in the community, including Greenland Chase and others in the area, to serve as one location to share information as it pertains to the proposed Greenland Waste Transfer Station.

Dates, times and locations of meetings will be updated at this Facebook page as information is received.

Michelle Corum can be reached at, 904-358-6308 or on Twitter at @MCorumonME.

Michelle Corum joined WJCT as "Morning Edition" host in 2012 and has worked in public broadcasting as an announcer and reporter for public radio stations in Lawrence, Kansas, and Interlochen, Michigan. She also manages WJCT's Radio Reading Service for sight-impaired listeners.