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Hurricane-Damaged Jax Beach Pier Repairs Could Be Completed In Late-Spring of 2022

Bob Self
Jacksonville Beach
The Jacksonville Beach fishing pier rebuilding project continues.

Five years after separate, back-to-back hurricanes tore apart the Jacksonville Beach Pier, work continues to rebuild the Beaches landmark.

In early October 2016, waves from Hurricane Matthew destroyed the last 300 feet of the 1,300-foot-long pier. A year later, Hurricane Irma wrecked more havoc on the pier. 

Months later, though, the pier reopened, allowing fishermen and visitors access to just the first 625 feet of the 22-year-old pier at 4th Avenue N. and First Street N. And then in November 2019, the pier closed again for the current repairs and renovations that were expected to take two years.

But multiple factors have slowed the project.

Last year, a federal permitting issue delayed the project four months before being resolved in July 2020, according to Jacksonville City Council member Rory Diamond’s office. Diamond represents the Beaches and his office provided the Times-Union with a progress update on the pier project based on information from the city's Public Works Department.

Now, work on the pier is expected to be completed in late Spring 2022, according to the department.

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