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Jacksonville residents can water lawns only on a specific day

Jessica Palombo
Jacksonville residences will be limited to watering their lawns once per week until March.

Jacksonville residents are now limited to watering their lawns just one day a week.

The end of Daylight Saving Time marks the start of irrigation restrictions that run each year from the first Sunday of November to the second Sunday of March.

Residential properties with addresses that end in an odd number or don't have an address at all can water their lawns on Saturdays. This also includes residential addresses with letter designations between N and Z, such as 104P John Doe St.

Residential properties with addresses that end in an even number or that have a letter designation between A and M will be allowed to water their lawns on Sundays.

Businesses and other property owners are limited to irrigating their lawns on Tuesdays.

The city asks for home and property-owners not to irrigate lawns between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Violations of the city's irrigation ordinances carry fines up to $250.

According to city's Environmental Quality Division, the restrictions are meant to conserve Jacksonville's water supply and protect the St. Johns River from excessive fertilizer and nutrients washing into the waterway, which are partially to blame for toxic algae blooms.

More information is on the city's website.

Reporter Raymon Troncoso joined WJCT News in June of 2021 after concluding his fellowship with Report For America, where he was embedded with Capitol News Illinois covering Illinois state government with a focus on policy and equity. You can reach him at (904) 358-6319 or and follow him on Twitter @RayTroncoso.