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Nursed back to health, turtles return to the sea from Jacksonville

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Georgia Aquarium via Facebook
One of the eight rescued turtles that will be released Tuesday.

Eight loggerhead sea turtles found cold and stunned off the coast of New England in January will be released back into the Atlantic Ocean from Little Talbot Island State Park in Jacksonville around noon on Tuesday.

The turtles were flown to Atlanta, where they were nursed back to health at the Georgia Aquarium.

Loggerheads are listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Scientists say the big sea turtles are in the most danger from fishing nets, climate change, loss of nesting habitat, pollution and vessel strikes.

In Florida, the loggerhead nesting season starts in April and runs through September.     

Editor's note: this story was edited to correct the number of turtles from six to eight.