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EXPLORE: How much did rent go up in your neighborhood?

Jacksonville rental signs-2.jpg
Ben Brown
Jacksonville Today
Rental prices in the 32205 zip code, where this sign is, have increased 31% since the start of the pandemic and 54% over the last five years.

Rent prices in the Jax metro area have climbed by more than 30% since the start of the pandemic — more than twice the rate of inflation. Rent has gone up close to 40% in some neighborhoods, including San Jose and Arlington, and one recent study ranks us as the 13th-most overpriced rental city in the nation.

While rents have been climbing in Jacksonville for years, the largest uptick has been during the pandemic. Areawide, rent increased by 48% over the past five years, with about two-thirds of that increase since March of 2020.

How much has rent changed in your neighborhood since the start of the COVID pandemic?

Use Jacksonville Today’s searchable chart to find out.