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‘It all boils down to one paragraph.’ Duval Schools could change its LGBTQ support guide Tuesday.

Internet archive Duval Schools
The 37-page document under review outlines how teachers can ensure LGBTQ students' safety on school campuses.

The Duval County School Board is set to meet Tuesday morning to discuss an update to its LGBTQ support guide, which district attorneys have been revising to comply with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which critics call “Don’t Say Gay.”

Support guides like Duval’s, which are in effect in districts across the state, were a large part of what spawned House Bill 1557, Parental Rights. The new law requires school districts to notify parents if there is “a change in services regarding a child’s mental, emotional or physical health or well-being.”

The law could require teachers to alert parents if kids go by different names or pronouns, which goes against Duval’s current support guide.

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