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Your JEA bills are likely to jump this summer

JEA's Downtown Jacksonville headquarters.
Bill Bortzfield
JEA's Downtown Jacksonville headquarters.

JEA is taking a look at increasing rates next year.

The proposed rate hike is part of the upcoming fiscal year budget that JEA directors approved this week. 

JEA financial planner Juli Crawford says the higher rate will add a dollar or two to people's bills.

“This is largely driven by growing needs of the business along with a proactive approach to workforce planning," Crawford said. "We will be adding 111 full time employee positions to continue to serve a growing Northeast Florida.”

The increase will fund about $7 million in maintenance for water and electric services.

It’s expected to take effect next April. But customers may notice an increase in their bills before then — and not because of higher rates.

JEA passes the cost of natural gas directly to customers to recoup the cost of making electricity. With a 17% spike estimated, that could be as much as $10 more each month, as soon as this summer.