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Jacksonville may get new liquified natural gas facility

Eagle LNG Partners' Maxville facility west of downtown Jacksonville.
Eagle LNG Partners LLC
Eagle LNG Partners' Maxville facility west of Downtown Jacksonville.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet on Tuesday will consider signing off on a proposal that would lead to a liquefied natural gas facility in Jacksonville.

Eagle LNG Partners LLC is seeking to build the facility along the St. Johns River to produce and ship liquefied natural gas.

The company needs state approval of a lease for what are known as “sovereign submerged lands” controlled by the state; an easement related to a docking facility; and dredging.

State environmental officials have recommended that DeSantis and the Cabinet approve the proposal, which calls for the company to pay $784,290 to the state.

Eagle LNG "has provided reasonable assurance that the proposal will maintain essentially natural conditions and will not significantly impact fish, wildlife, or other natural resources, including public recreation and navigation,” the recommendation said. “Therefore, the Department of Environmental Protection is of the opinion that the proposal is ‘not contrary to the public interest’ and otherwise meets all applicable requirements for a proprietary authorization to use sovereignty submerged lands.”

The Eagle LNG website said the facility would serve customers in the United States and Caribbean.

“Here, Eagle LNG will receive natural gas — transported by a local utility through existing and expanded pipelines located adjacent to the site — liquefy and temporarily store the LNG (liquefied natural gas), and periodically load LNG onto oceangoing vessels for export to countries currently using heavy fuel oil or diesel for power generation, as well as for use in domestic marine fueling.”