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Terrance Freeman seeks to inspire as Jacksonville City Council president

Bob Self
Florida Times-Union
Terrance Freeman says he hopes people see his dedication to service during his one-year term as City Council president.

Smiling faces, framed on almost every wall of his City Hall office, gaze down on Terrance Freeman as he works. With a wooden baseball bat in the corner, just barely in sight, and a Bible open on his desk, Freeman can glimpse pictures of his daughters from any view of his new workspace.

“I wake up every day, and I do the most that I can every day for as many people as I can, and then try to sleep peacefully and wake up and do it again the next day,” Freeman said. He intentionally put photos of his daughters throughout his office to hold himself accountable to his mission. “But it starts with those girls. It starts with them and ends with them and then everyone in between.”

Freeman began his year as City Council president July 1 after being unanimously chosen by all 19 members of council. He said he has since taken steps to fulfill his primary goals of creating camaraderie among council members and opportunities for everyone in Jacksonville with "the limited time" he possesses as president.

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