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Persimmon Festival celebrates urban agriculture on First Coast


The local nursery Eat Your Yard Jax is having its second annual Persimmon Festival this weekend. Eat Your Yard Jax is a nonprofit nursery and an educational center that educates the public about growing your own fruits and vegetables within your own backyard.

Founder Tim Armstrong joined Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect to talk about the tasty event.

“You're going to have a full day of fun stuff — gardening, permaculture, all kinds of things, even a farm-to-table dinner,” he said.

This year the dinner is being hosted by popular local chef Dennis Chan of Blue Bamboo. Armstrong says Chan created a four-course masterpiece meal from Armstrong’s produce just for the festival.

He offered to do a dinner for us to support our yard project. I gave Dennis a list of all the things that were available. And he created a four-course masterpiece using all the things from our farm.”

Armstrong says the Persimmon Festival also will celebrate the rapid growth of urban agriculture on the First Coast, along with holding seminars for the public on how to grow your own fruits and vegetables. It will happen from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at 6500 Utsey Road.